Welcome to my blog!  Let me tell you a little about how I came to be writing this on here.  I arrived here because I have fibromyalgia, arthritis (different types), costochondritis, a hiatus hernia, achilles tendinitis and numerous other things.  I have been offered many different medications by the doctor, some I have tried and had awful side effects, others I have politely declined due to knowing the chances of nasty side effects.  Nothing I have taken has helped my symptoms, only given me more things to deal with.

I’ve read and researched homeopathy and the likes for years on and off.  I then found a course in naturopathy and decided to do that as a starter.  Anyway, I got so desperate one day with the arthritis in my knees, I could hardly move, so I decided to look up some natural organic healing options.  I found all sorts of things that could work and for some reason there was one that stood out more than any other.  It was an oil and cayenne pepper mix, it used olive oil.  I love coconut oil and so decided to make it using that – this also gives the added storage bonus of it not being a liquid.  I tried my special potion, I applied it a couple of times during the day and then once at bedtime, I kid you not, the next morning, I had no pain in my knees at all!

I then passed some on to my dad who had the same experience, my mum then tried it too and it worked! So, I decided I should start getting some of this down in writing, if what I do and find to work can help others then it makes my pains and all the rest worthwhile!

Please feel free to try out things that I share, if you are on medications, please do check with your GP first, bear in mind that some herbs can be affected by or affect prescription medications.  All I ask of you is that if you find something here that works, please comment and let me know, then please share it so that others can also benefit from the power of herbs and spices! Thanks.

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