Food is energy, food is medicine, food is nutrition.

It’s a real shame that over the years, as conventional medicine has grown and pharmaceutical companies get bigger, many have forgotten that so many illnesses can be treated naturally.  Also, many of the conventional medicines that we pay a fortune for, are made from these natural remedies, sometimes it’s as simple as that, sometimes they are man-made substitutes for something we already have.  The history of medicine is fascinating when it comes to realising that so much that the pharmaceutical companies do is unnecessary, or at least over manufactured.

 Unfortunately, we are also creating many of our illnesses by processing our foods so much that they don’t even resemble anything with the nutrition that we need and instead give us things that cause our bodies to scream at us, asking us to stop – but do we listen? – no, because humans eat for enjoyment rather than looking at what food is supposed to be about. Food is energy, food is medicine, food is nutrition.  Take a look at the rest of the animals, undomesticated of course, they know what to eat and how much, how often have you seen an overweight wild animal?  Even the domesticated dog is still a little in tune, they eat grass for a reason, it helps their digestion, it’s not a bad thing to let your dog eat grass.

Hippocrates was and still is often known as the father of medicine, he believed that for every illness, there was a cure, he believed that the doctor/physician/therapist and medication was meant to aid the natural resistance of the body to overcome the imbalance that is causing illness and restore health and harmony to the organism.  let-food-be-thy-medicine-640-2In other words, the body has what it takes to cure itself, but now and then needs a bit of help to do so and medications can encourage the body in doing it’s work.  He is also known as the founder of medicine as previous to his work, it was believed that illness was caused by superstitions and by possession of evil spirits and disfavor of the gods and could be treated with magic and suchlike.

There are many illnesses that we are given medications for that are not made any better by the medications and in fact, the side effects caused can often be worse that the symptoms we are supposed to be treating.  Also, so many medications have been around for such a short time that we cannot know the longterm effects, some of them are small doses of poisons that can build up in our liver and other parts of the body and cause problems later in life.  Surely, if there is a natural treatment available wouldn’t it be wise to look at this first or at the same time as conventional medicine? – wouldn’t it be great if we could have a GP and our complementary therapist in the same room discussing the options? We all know however that GPs just don’t have that sort of time per patient, they are pushed as it is.  So, wouldn’t it be great if the complementary therapist could take some of that pressure away? So for example, treating the common cold and stress related things, maybe the surgeries could take on a therapist to do this, bearing in mind a complementary therapist will usually allow an hour per patient and can therefore find out a lot more about the individual and their problems, they have the time to talk about lifestyle including diet and exercise and things that could be causing stress as well as giving solutions nutritionally and what can be added to the persons lifestyle in order to help.

As well as foods such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables etc, there are herbs and spices that have many, many healing properties and these can be used in many different ways.  They can of course be added to the food, they can be taken in tablet forms as supplements, they can be made into teas, tinctures and compresses or rubs and on top of that they can have their oils extracted and then used in the many different aromatherapy ways.

We have so much around us that can heal or hurt us, there is so much to learn about how we can use these things in our daily diet and lifestyle that can prevent and cure illnesses.

I ask you now, if you find this interesting, to click and follow this blog so that you can come along on my journey of learning all about them and my journey of healing through them! Form the common cold to the headache to synovitis pain to stress and depression, these can all be helped through complementary medicine.  Let’s have some fun learning how!

Kate 🙂

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