My Why.

This blog is here as a reference for myself when I find things that work or information that might help me in my journey from fibromyalgia sufferer to fit and healthy!  I currently spend my days in pain with fibromyalgia, synovitis in my knees, achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis in one foot, costochondritis and a hiatus hernia, the rest of my pains are I this all fibromyalgia related.

I am researching all herbs and spice related forms of therapy, from homeopathy and herbalism to aromatherapy.  I am sticking to using organic products so that I know exactly what is going in to my body.

As I learn and heal, my plan is to be able to help others too – it would feel like a bit of a waste to me to learn all of this great healing stuff and not pass it on to others and on my journey I have started finding some lovely natural homemade skin care recipes that I will also pass on, either by giving you the recipe or allowing you to buy the products ready made by me – with a guarantee that all ingredients are organic and good for you!

On top of the above I will of course be looking at nutrition as we all know this plays a massive part in our health and wellbeing. Food can indeed be our medicine too, as the herbs and spices we use in cooking can also help to heal us.

I hope that if you’re reading this and also have reason to need to heal, that I can help you in some way too, and if not, may be someone you know.

Thanks for reading.

Kate 🙂


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