My first post here is about why I am doing this and why I have had such a long standing interest in both organic everything and herbal remedies.

I was diagnosed quite a few years ago with Fibromyalgia, along with possible arthritis in my knees (awaiting MRI results as I write), costochondritis, a hiatus hernia, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis and the list goes on, I’m a bit fed up of seeing my GP, every time I go I seem to have another thing added to the list.  Anyway, over the years, I have been prescribed with all sorts of things for the pains, not one of them has helped with pain but all of them have given me undesirable side effects.

I have always had an interest in herbal remedies and have always believed that there are natural cures out there, there are also things that are toxic, so with this in mind I have taken to researching and studying what is good for what.  I tried my first real remedy the other day, my knee pain was so bad I decided I couldn’t wait to hear what the doctor had to say and so looked up pain relied.  After much reading, I ended up making a cayenne and cayenne_powder_salvecoconut oil mix, I applied it a couple of times throughout the day and then again before bed, I awoke the next day with absolutely no pain in my knee at all! Even though I believe in these remedies, for some reason I didn’t expect it to work, and certainly not as well as it did!  I then passed some to my dad who is awaiting a knee replacement for arthritis in his knee, and it has done the same for him, he can still feel his bones grinding together, but it has taken away the pain!

So from here, I am intending to do more and more research and study and I fully intend to cure my fibromyalgia along with all of my other ailments!

Also, if I find things that work even a little, I feel others may benefit from knowing about them too – doctors won’t tell you these things.

Watch this space 😉

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